Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August Library Book Haul

Beneath Wandering Stars by Ashlee Cowles

United (bk3)by Melissa Landers

Never Missing Never Found by Amanda Panitch

Also, I am checking out some middle grade fiction for a blog post on Middle Grade Recommendations. I checked out the SpiderWick Chronicles. I have always wanted to read this series but never got around to do it. I loved the movie so hopefully I will love the books even more.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Goodreads Summary: Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. The play will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on July 30, 2016.

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

Ok. I had so much nostalgic feels of reading this book in one sitting. I grew up with Harry Potter for most of the latter books and I had the same anxiousness when I received the previous books. 

This story takes place twenty years after the last Harry Potter book. Harry and Ginny have three kids and the middle child who's name is Albus Severus Potter feels like he doesn't fit in anywhere especially living in the shadow of his father. He wants to prove that he is more than Harry Potter's son. 

I was so happy to see the gang again and the adventures that took place. Albus is a very headstrong young man. I understood where he was coming from with his feelings about carrying the weight of his famous father. He was isolated and he distant himself from those that loved him. I adored his relationship with Scorpius. I felt that it was a good match with them being that their fathers did not like each other.

Scorpius is the total opposite of his father. He was much kinder and although they both were brave he was living in a darker shadow that caused him to isolate himself as well. It was heartbreaking for him. Out of all the characters I loved Scorpious the most. 

Harry is a father of three and he does his best but because of his life events he is very protective of his children especially Albus. He only knew how to be a father the best way he knew how to and I applaud him. He may have made some mistakes but thats how we learn. 

I even had a love/hate relationship with Draco. I didn't like him at all for books 1-5 then when book 6 came out my heart broke for him because whether he knew it or not him and Harry were just alike in some ways. The maturity is there with him and Harry although there are some awkward parts. After reading this book I could see them slowly becoming really good friends especially with Scorpius being best friends with Albus and someone else but for the sake of spoilers I won't say.

Ron, Ginny, and Hermionie were all the same. I loved seeing them again and how close everyone still was and how they are as adults.

I wished there were more of action into the story. The plot building was good but the climax didn't have much of a punch as I had expected.  The twists were great some may have been predictable.

I missed this world so much and was glad to be apart of it again.

Rating 4.5 Stars 

Book Review: Indiana Belle by John Heldt

(I was sent this ebook by the author in exchange for an honest review)

Goodreads Summary: Providence, Rhode Island, 2017. When doctoral student Cameron Coelho, 28, opens a package from Indiana, he finds more than private papers that will help him with his dissertation. He finds a photograph of a beautiful society editor murdered in 1925 and clues to a century-old mystery. Within days, he meets Geoffrey Bell, the "time-travel professor," and begins an unlikely journey through the Roaring Twenties. Filled with history, romance, and intrigue, INDIANA BELLE follows a lonely soul on the adventure of a lifetime as he searches for love and answers in the age of Prohibition, flappers, and jazz.

I'm bringing another book review to you guys from one of my favorite authors. Seriously guys, you need to read his works. He is an automatic buy author. This is the third book in the American Journey series that takes us back to one of my favorite eras. The Roaring Twenties. I love everything about the flappers, city lights, and the style. Its unique and amazing which is why I love it. 

The characters are easy to fall in love with. They are well developed and interesting. I've always said that with this was one of the reasons why I feel like I am a character in the story because of the authors writing. This has action, adventure, and time travel.  

The plot is always captivating and original. It was well thought out and perfectly executed. I've always like the author's writing style since he first contacted me to review in the past for him. And I've ventured into a bit time traveling books because of this when before I didn't pay it as much attention. 

Rating 5 Stars
Recommend? Yes

Discussion Post #4 Mood Readers?

I am a big mood reader. The book that may be hot right now for some may not be for me simply because I am a huge mood reader. Now, my guilty pleasure is paranormal and paranormal romance. I am always in a mood for that because those types of genres have always been my escape. But for some reason I can't get on the bandwagon when it comes to certain book types because they may not be what I am looking for at the moment.

As of right now I am in the mood for middle grade fiction and high fantasy. I hardly ever read middle grade fiction so that is way out of my comfort zone. I don't even know how I got in that mood anyway. High fiction has always been the type of books that I stay away from because they have always just intimidated me.

Reading has always been my escape. I find that if I am in a bad or kind of depressing mood I go more towards paranormal, dark, and inviting type books. Books that are way from reality because obviously I want to get away from whatever it is that I'm going through. Whenever I'm in a fairly good mood I go towards New Adult contemporary. I guess I can relate more to it because of the age range and the situations that the characters go through with life and relationships in general.

Whenever I'm looking to be inspired I tend to go to biographies or nonfiction. The chances of me reading nonfiction are 1 out of 10. That might be sad because there are some really good nonfiction books out there.

The changes of the moods could give someone a whiplash as well. One minute I may want science fiction and the next I may want a really sappy lovey dovey romance. Its crazy. But I can't help it LOL.

Are any of you guys mood readers? What type of genres do you tend to go to according to your moods?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #4

Top Ten Books that you would buy with a fully loaded gift card.

A weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

1.) The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare new editions sets. 

2.)Harry Potter New edition Box Set
3.) The Dark Hunter Universe set by Sherrilyn Kenyon
4.) Futhermore by Tahereh Mafi

5.)And I Darken by Kiersten White
6.) This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

7.) My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows
8.) NeverNight by Jay Kristoff
9.) Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

10.) Strange the Dreamer by Lani Taylor

There is my Top Ten. This was kinda hard as well. What are the top ten books would you purchase with a fully loaded gift card?

Monday, August 1, 2016

July Wrap up and August TBR

First of all I cannot believe that it is August. August?!? The year is almost over.
I know I'm not alone in this but the only thing that I read from my July TBR was one thing cause I got a bit side tracked. Also I had some contemporary books on that list but I've always been a mood reader and I guess July was not the month for contemporary. I do want to read them but I will later. They are a bit out of my comfort zone but I'm trying to get out of that as well. I just call them "not right now" books

I loved reading this. It was much better than the first one. I got all the feels and...omgosh I need the next one.
My Review

Ok. When I first read this book when it came out I liked it. Now I finished it and I am just so indifferent about it. It wasn't bad but the characters didn't really connect with me
My Review

O MY GOSH. There is hardly ever a time I dislike a character very much. Hate is a strong word but America was really pushing me there with this one. She is the most annoying character I have ever read. *sorry not sorry*.I literally wanted to throw the book across the room
My Review

Surprisingly out of all the trilogy as a whole, this one was better. I still do not like America whatsoever. Honestly, I don't know why I kept reading this series but the writer is a good writer and I did have to know how everything comes together at the end. Also, I wanted to finish the series because this was one that I wanted to finish.
My Review

August TBR
So, I didn't read most of the books from my July TBR but I am going to will myself to read the books that I promise myself to read. These are the ones that I will definitely read.

 I want to get a little bit out of my comfort zone and read some of the books that I mentioned in my discussion post about intimidating books. One of the genre was high fantasy. I have heard that Brandon Sanderson is a really great author and he is an automatic author buy. The reviews are great and I really can't wait to read it.

I also heard some great things about this one. There is something dark and inviting that I like about this book. I can't wait to get into it and see how this story plays out.

This was in my tbr pile for July but unfortunately life got kinda busy sooo I'm going to throw this one on here. I really want to read this. I heard that this was an absolutely good book. Also, I heard if you haven't read anything buy V.E. Schwab or Victoria Schwab then Vicious is a good book to start out with. We will see.

I didn't get a chance to read this one for the month of July. I'm still hanging in there with this one. I will read this book. I might not get through the whole series but I am going to read the first one.

So, that is all for my August TBR. I kept it short because I want to give myself time to read all the books. Once I finish then the other backup books that I have I can get to those as well. I might have a better month of reading some good books with likable characters as well.

Let me know what books you are planning to read for the month of August and what you read and your thoughts on the books for the July.